Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees focuses and activates the Mission of the school and holds the College of Teachers and the Administrative Director responsible for accomplishing the school’s Vision and Strategic Plan. The Board is responsible for legal and fiduciary stewardship, strategic planning, budget approval, fundraising leadership and risk management oversight of the school’s affairs.

2018-2019 Board of Trustees

Executive Officers

Dana Hegedorn
President and Chair

John Figiel
Vice-Chair, Governance Committee Co-chair

Claire Howard
Vice President

Dan Hoffmann
Vice President, Advancement Committee Co-chair

Brad Mulcahey
Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Joe Mulherin
Secretary, Audit Committee Chair

Board Members

Karen Anderson
Committee on Trustees Chair

Lara Blumstein
Advancement Committee

Joe Clary
Finance Committee

Sylvie Desouches
Faculty Trustee

Matt Eging
Advancement Committee

Luke Goodwin
Faculty Trustee, Administrative Director

Melissa Gordon
Advancement Committee Co-chair, PTO Liaison

Tarah Hartung
Governance Committee, Committee on Trustees, PTO Liaison

Amy Kahn
Advancement Committee

Adam King
Marketing Committee

Kiah Shapiro
Marketing Committee Chair

Nancy Szymanski
Faculty Trustee

John Trevillion
Faculty Trustee, College of Teachers Chair

Board Committees

Joint Committees of Board and College