After 43 years, Chicago Waldorf School has a place to call home.

We are excited and honored to bring students, teachers, and families alike to the historic Trumbull school building.

From a kindergarten class in the basement of Church of the Three Crosses to twenty wonderful years in Rogers Park, the time to realize a permanent home has finally come into being. What started with humble beginnings (a rented classroom, donated furniture, and kitchen tiles laid by volunteers) in our single classroom school, the Chicago Waldorf School is now joyfully expanding into its 98,000 square foot permanent home.


The transformative power of a Waldorf education is best realized on a campus that embodies our core values. Our new home will give us a space to unlock the potential of generations of students through:

  • Renovated, expanded and specialized classrooms that support an engaged and inspired student body
  • A transformed outdoor campus with ample green space to guide students’ exploration and connection to the natural environment
  • The community space created in the central auditorium that will encourage and advance our school’s social mission

This new campus will allow us to plant the roots of Waldorf education that will benefit students for years to come; students who will develop the confidence and self-direction to shape the future and change the world .


- A 98,000 square foot building
- Ample green space for students to explore nature within an urban environment
- A 600 seat auditorium at the heart of the school
- High ceilings and wood floors allow for light filled classrooms
- Space to double our High School program capacity