Our History

Over 45 Years of Waldorf Education in Chicago

The Chicago Waldorf School opened in 1974 with a kindergarten class in a rented classroom at the Church of the Three Crosses in Lincoln Park. There were five children and one teacher. Three years later, in 1977, a 1st Grade was added, and the school began to grow at a rate of one grade per year until the first nine-member 8th Grade graduated in 1985. The school remained at eight grades until 1994 when a 9th and 10th Grade were added. The first nine 12th Grade seniors graduated from the school in 1997.

Today, with a full 12-year curriculum and an enrollment of over 350 students, the school is the largest Waldorf school in the midwest. In terms of growth and stability, it has come a long way from that fledgling kindergarten class started with ambitious vision, strong parental support and little in the way of resources. That independent parent-motivated effort continues today with the school's latest expansion; The Parent-Child program, begun in 1992 to provide education and care for toddlers and their parents, has grown to be a unique and vibrant Waldorf program with full classes and waiting lists for enrollment.

The Chicago Waldorf School is fully accredited by the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America and the Independent Schools Association of the Central States and is recognized by the State of Illinois. The school is also an active member of the Lake Michigan Association of Independent Schools.

Online Archive

We are currently building an online archive of photographs, videos, and other materials from throughout our long history. We have so many amazing things to share and we've only just begun to digitize all of them. To see what we're working on, visit our online archive below.

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