Community Association and Volunteerism

Community Council

The Community Council (formerly, Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), is open to all adults in the Chicago Waldorf School community. This group provides the structural framework for volunteer participation and involvement in the school. The CC actively encourages each adult to be a part of school community life, and to support our children’s education. The CC's mission is to strengthen and enrich our social fabric and to build a supportive and engaged community. There are 4 CC meetings throughout the school year and all adults are welcome to attend.

Room Teams

Each class (EC through 12th grade) has 2-3 designated Community Council reps. Each of these small groups is called a “Room Team”. These are the volunteers who serve as a voice for their class at the 4 CC meetings during the school year as well as support the class teacher or sponsors throughout the year.

As a group, each Room Team holds these responsibilities:

  • Serve as ambassadors for CWS and Waldorf education
  • Encouraging parent/guardian involvement
  • Strengthening relationships between parents/guardians, teachers, administrative staff and trustees
  • Listen to the community to identify and communicate issues to the administration and the Board of Trustees
  • Communicate with and support the class teacher/sponsors as needed
  • Manage informal parent-donated class budgets
  • Communicate with parents regarding class social events and activities
  • Collaborate with teacher/sponsors to help plan class field trips and projects
  • Have at least 1 Room Team member from each class at each of the 4 CC meetings

The Community Council as a whole is led by 3 co-chairs (one for each school level--EC, 1-5th and 6th-12th), and a Community Council Board Liaison elected by CC members each year.