Parent Association

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), open to all adults in the Chicago Waldorf School community, provides a structural framework for parent participation in the school. The PTO actively encourages each of us to participate in the life of the school community, and to support our children’s education. The PTO’s mission is to strengthen and enrich our social fabric and to build a supportive and engaged community. Each class has one or two designated PTO Reps, parent volunteers who serve as a voice for their class at one of the six PTO meetings during the school year. In addition, there are three to four faculty liaisons who represent various grade levels at PTO meetings and discussions. The PTO is led by two to three co-chairs, elected by PTO members each year. PTO Reps meet monthly and are coordinated by the PTO Council.

Parent-Teacher Organization Council (PTOC)

The Parent-Teacher Organization Council (PTOC) is the planning and coordinating body of the PTO and is comprised of parents, teachers, and staff. The PTOC strives to support the parent and school partnership in the areas of parent education and social enrichment. As the leadership group of the PTO, the PTOC is committed to facilitating healthy and prosperous community development by:

  • Overseeing PTO-supported events (like social gatherings and community forums for parents)
  • Serving as ambassadors for CWS and Waldorf education
  • Encouraging parent involvement
  • Strengthening relationships between parents, teachers, administrative staff and trustees
  • Cultivating community consciousness about—and commitment to—Waldorf education
  • Supporting parent and teacher initiatives
  • Listening to the community to identify and communicate issues to the administration and the Board of Trustees

Room Parents

Room Parents support the teachers, manage informal parent-donated class budgets, communicate with parents regarding class events and activities, and help organize and plan class field trips and projects. Each class has one to three designated Room Parents. The Room Parent Committee is coordinated by two co-chairs and provides guidance and support to individual Room Parents.