High School

The right challenge at the right time

Through an expansive curriculum that cultivates analytical and creative thinking, promotes community engagement through service opportunities, encourages eloquence in expression, and inspires the transformation of idealism into initiative, CWS students are exposed to subject areas which they might not seek on their own. Academic subjects like sciences and humanities are taught in an intensive block schedule that stresses depth over breadth, while English, Math, and Foreign Language are taught throughout the semester. Music, Drama, Painting, and other arts are required classes, not electives. This challenges students to work in unfamiliar subjects and to persevere through topics that may not be their main interest a skill that prepares them for life.

Curriculum by Grade

Learn more about the subjects taught in each grade of our High School.

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Service Learning

One of our core learning goals in High School is to prepare our students to enter the world in engaged inquiry and service. Students are given experiences to think beyond themselves.

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College Counseling

The Chicago Waldorf School’s College Counseling Program strives to help each student find colleges and universities or other programs and plans which meet his or her unique aspirations, needs and personal criteria.

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Waldorf students have a lot of maturity and self-awareness--and have been given a chance to figure out what they really want versus the 'kindergarten-to-Ivy League steeplechase' mentality you see at most schools."
— Independent College Counselor