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The class of 2018, comprised of 25 graduates, received $2.5 million in scholarships and more than half the class received scholarship equivalent to full tuition.

The Chicago Waldorf School’s College Counseling Program strives to help each student find colleges and universities or other programs and plans which meet his or her unique aspirations, needs and personal criteria. The college counseling process, together with the school’s broader mission and developmental curriculum, facilitates the kind of self-reflection which enables students to enter the college process with a healthy outlook. The low student-to-counselor ratio ensures that each student will receive ample support and guidance.

Post-secondary counseling begins mid-year in 10th grade, and again in the 11th grade, with individual meetings to interpret the results of the PSAT. In the second semester of junior year, students begin to meet one-on-one with the college counselor on a more regular basis, and this collaboration continues through until graduation. The College Counselor also works with students in all high school grades via group informational meetings.

The College Counseling program at Chicago Waldorf School includes the following:
  • Arranges for all 10th & 11th grade students to take the PSAT at CWS and follows-up with each student individually to discuss the results
  • Arranges college representative visits and presentations
  • Meets with each student individually beginning in the spring of junior year, with a focus on priorities, values and interests in relation to future plans and “college fit”
  • Helps students to develop a targeted list of colleges and prepare their individual timeline
  • Counsels students regarding application strategies
  • Provides guidance about testing
  • Assists seniors with essays and preparation for interviews
  • For each student, prepares a selection of their narrative evaluations from a variety of classes and teachers, which is then sent to colleges along with the student’s transcript
  • Writes a counselor letter of recommendation for each senior
  • Hosts workshops & speakers on topics such as financial aid or mock admissions
  • Shares information on scholarships and financial aid
  • Helps students to keep perspective when they are feeling anxious about college

The CWS College Counselor is a member of the State and National Associations for College Admission Counseling. She attends various continuing education workshops, conferences and classes. In addition, she has been invited to participate in numerous counselor programs at colleges and universities throughout the country. For inquiries about our college counselling program please contact

"College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won."
- Frank Sachs (President, National Association of College Admissions Counselors)

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According to a national study of Waldorf graduates,
94% attend college or university and 89% are
“highly satisfied” in their choice of occupation.