COVID-19 Relief Fund

Our dedicated faculty, writing what they miss while working from home.

We know that there are CWS families that are struggling and may be challenged financially this spring. To meet this community challenge, we must rally together and commit to each other and our school. Because of these challenges, the gap between the cost of our education and our tuition collections will be greater than ever. Thus, our fundraising efforts are more critical than ever. This spring, our Annual Fund will be a CWS Relief Fund and will help to support those CWS families whose financial stability is shaken. The Relief Fund will help to ensure that our faculty and staff can remain focused on delivering the education, and that our school remains vibrant in preparation for our physical return. We know that our funding gap will grow and thus we are taking the bold step to increase our yearly goal by $50,000 and are resetting our Annual Fund Goal for $300,000. The CWS community needs your support.

We've had so many generous donations coming in that we wanted to take a moment to highlight and thank those in our community who have given their support:

Cathy and Lee Boyce – former trustee, grade school and high school parents

Lisa Conforti and Will Lockwood – grade school parents

Lisa Donofrio and Robert Wild– former trustee, grade school and high school parents

Natalie French – grandparent

Kerry and Scott Galson – grade school parents

Melissa and Robert Gordon – Board President, grade school parents

Anna and Noah Hartman – grade school parents

Dan Hoffmann and Kristen Hoffmann – Trustee, PTO, Staff, and grade school parents

Amy and Michael Kahn – trustee and alumni parents

Jessica and Thomas McCarthy – PTO and faculty, grade school and high school parents

Breanne Petersen and Matt Eging – faculty, trustee and E.C and grade school parents

Michael and Jackson Rosenthal in honor of Sally Rosenthal – former trustee and high school parent and student

Anne Wagner – high school parent

Thomas and Jessica McCarthy – faculty and grade school and high school parents




Annual Report 2017-18

Giving via SMART Tuition

If you would like to set up recurring gifts with SMART tuition they need to do so by contacting the Finance Office or by calling 773.828.8467

Give to the CWS Relief Fund 2019-20

Other Ways to Give

Supporting Chicago Waldorf School can be easily done in a variety of ways to suit each donor’s unique financial abilities. Click here to see the many ways you can enhance your donation! If you have questions, please contact Becky Moskowitz, Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations, at