Shoe Drive

Funds2Orgs Shoe Drive | November 19 – January 18

Goal: 100 bags of shoes, containing 25 pairs of shoes/bag

The Chicago Waldorf School is working with Funds2Orgs to host a shoe drive. We are challenging our community, during this season of giving, to exceed this goal by bringing in new/gently used shoes. We will take shoes of all types and sizes (house slippers, dress shoes, sandals, boots, cleats, etc.), as long as they are in wearable condition (no holes, broken heels, cracked soles, missing partners).

How It Works

  1. Bring in your new/gently used shoes; there will be a collection bin in the Main Entrance Lobby
  2. The bin will be emptied, and collected shoes counted weekly
  3. At the end of two months, Funds2Orgs will pick up the shoes, giving CWS $0.40/lb of shoes with all proceeds going back to the Annual Fund
  4. Funds2Orgs distributes the bags of shoes to entrepreneurs in developing nations
  5. These entrepreneurs are then able to open their own businesses by selling the shoes in their communities
  6. This leads to economic growth in these communities


What is our goal? 100+ bags containing 25 pairs/bag of new and used shoes. This is roughly eight pairs/family.
How does this help CWS? Funds2Orgs will give us $0.40/lb to go towards our Annual Fund.
What are acceptable donations? We can take any types of shoes (work boots, heels, sandals, Crocks, slippers, cleats), except ice/roller skates, as long as they are in wearable condition (no holes, broken heels, missing mates).
Where can you bring them? There will be a collection bin next to the school’s Main Office.
Where will they go? Funds2Orgs will collect the bags of shoes after the drive has ended and distribute them to small business owners in developing countries, where they will be sold.
Still have questions? Contact Katie-Sue Fisher, Advancement Associate, at

Dos & Dont's

For a comprehensive list, click here to read Funds2Orgs' guidelines.

About Funds2Orgs

The core of the Funds2Orgs Group business model is shoe drive fundraisers. The other components are to provide an economic opportunity for micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations and to help the environment by repurposing shoes. They have helped over 4,000 families open their own businesses and boost their local communities’ economies, through hosting shoe drives with non-profits in the United States. Funds2Orgs does not charge fees or sell anything to the non-profits they work with. Funds2Orgs also provides a free Micro-Enterprise Curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Education Standards. It allows educators to teach subjects, including Math, English, Science, and Social Studies in a creative and engaging way. It also helps teach children the importance of micro-enterprises in worldwide communities, which is essential in a globalized world. The Micro-Enterprise Curriculum has four levels: Elementary, Middle, High, and Homeschool. Each level has 5 Modules: General Business, General Marketing, Micro-Enterprise Fundamentals, Creating a Micro-Enterprise Business Plan, and Finance. The curriculum also has accompanying teacher worksheets and professional guides.