2020 Capital Campaign

Nora Leonard

Nora's Sun and Moon Park

In a life that burned bright and true and all too briefly , Nora Leonard was many things. She was a fierce and loving daughter. A kind and wonderful kid sister. A friend and a classmate.

Nora Leonard was also wholly and wildly a Waldorf kid through and through.

She was the early childhood student in her green headscarf exploring and experiencing the very nature of our earth: the dirt and the water. She was the path finder and the path maker. She was the early grade school student struggling to find the artist that she would later become. She was the child beginning to add a bit of risk to her play. She was the middle school student who excelled in sports and performance arts. She learned to share her unique voice both on the court and on the stage.

Nora Leonard was the high school student, awakening her analytical and creative thinking - searching and finding beauty throughout and within. And though only able to visit the new campus for a few weeks at a time, Nora willed herself to give her final performance on stage. And she has much more to give.

Nora's Sun and Moon Park will provide a place for us to commune daily with those who have gone before us. A sanctuary that will nurture authentic and genuine connections and nourish earnest and purposeful relationships.

We are all interconnected. With donations to the 2020 Capital Campaign, we will strengthen these bonds through empathy and love and play.

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The Outdoor Classroom

Risk-taking. Problem-solving. Creativity. Imagination.

That is a Waldorf student at play. And there’s no better place to nurture this vital sense of exploration than in nature.

This is why we are dedicating the 2020 Capital Campaign to help us grow our new Andersonville campus with this exciting, vibrant, and essential piece of our education.

Not just a green space. More than just a playground. Our outdoor classroom will be a learning space. A community space for our students to discover and understand themselves better while deepening authentic and genuine connections with their fellow students and teachers.

With your generous support, we can weave nature into our urban surroundings. We can continue to expand on our mission of creating an education that speaks to the entire student experience--mind, heart, and body.

The 2020 Capital Campaign goal is $4 million. In addition to the Outdoor Classroom and Nora's Sun and Moon Park, donations will also help retire building debt as we continue to make Andersonville our permanent home for decades to come.

When imaginations run wild, learning follows.

Partnering with the brilliant and creative minds at F. H. Paschen and SITE Design, our current blacktop will be transformed into a living, thriving natural environment that better reflects our education. Please donate today and bring this inspiring landscape to life for all of our students, from early childhood through twelfth grade.

Gift Giving

Gifts of stocks, bonds, or other appreciated securities allow donors to avoid paying capital gains taxes and qualify for a charitable deduction.
Please contact Becky Moskowitz at bmoskowitz@chicagowaldorf.org or call 312-320-9836 if you would like to make a gift of securities.