Capital Campaign 2021-22

We are writing a story, and we are writing it together.

This story, however, is not written in ink, and it cannot be read in a book. This story is written in dirt, in mud, in rocks and sand, in the buds that blossom in spring and the leaves that fall in autumn. It is written in blades of grass. It is written in sticks and twigs and branches. It is written in all of the varied ornaments of nature that, when read, when handled and played with and stomped in and tended to and built up and knocked down and rolled around in and thoroughly, deeply, joyfully felt, can teach us not only about our world but about each other, and about ourselves. It is, perhaps, the most important story we can write.

But this story, like all stories, needs an author. Will you help us write it?

Help us write our story...

In order to break ground, we need to raise $500,000. This money will allow us to remove the blacktop and develop the earthen foundation on which we can build our outdoor learning park. It will give us, in essence, our blank page.

After we remove the blacktop, we need to raise an additional $250,000 to begin adding, among other things, climbing mounds, a new perimeter fence, and an ADA accessible entrance.

Then, after the groundwork is laid, we will need a further $500,000 to turn the space into a thriving nature park, rich with play elements, indigenous plants, and a variety of natural learning areas.

The further money we raise, up to $4 million, will go directly to debt retirement.

Partnering with the brilliant and creative minds at F. H. Paschen and SITE Design, our current blacktop will be transformed into a living, thriving natural environment that better reflects our education. Please donate today and bring this inspiring landscape to life for all of our students, from early childhood through twelfth grade.

Gift Giving

Gifts of stocks, bonds, or other appreciated securities allow donors to avoid paying capital gains taxes and qualify for a charitable deduction.
Please contact Dana Hegedorn at or call 312-320-9836 if you would like to make a gift of securities.