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Ribbon-Cutting at Our New Home

We celebrated the opening day at our new permanent campus in Andersonville with a momentous ribbon-cutting ceremony.

After 43 years, Chicago Waldorf School has a place to call home. Thanks to the hard work of our incredible faculty, staff, board members, families, and students, we have joyfully settled into our permanent home in Andersonville.

This historical moment in the history of our school was marked by a community-wide ribbon cutting ceremony in on the first day of school in September. With pivotal board members, Alderman O’Connor, an alumni faculty member, and two 12th and two 1st grade students on stage, our school community, as well as members of the greater Chicago community, commemorated this monumental occasion.

This, along  with the first ever Rose Ceremony, marked a tremendous start to this next chapter in CWS history. We excitedly look forward to what the future has to hold and are elated to have your family be a part of it!