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Senior Projects Week 2019

Join us for this public exhibition as our 12th graders present their senior projects. 

Senior Projects Week

March 11-15, 2019

You are warmly invited to attend these public presentations of the seniors’ culminating course of study.

Based on academic, cultural, civic and experimental topics of interest chosen by each student, these presentations demonstrate the student's independent research, theory, observation, analysis, and artistic exploration.

The projects arise as an area of specialization for each student that has grown out of their studies in the High School.

Organized this year by the 12th grade and High School faculty, Chicago Waldorf Seniors present a two-fold project: a Senior Projects Exhibition in the vestibule rooms to the Auditorium, as well as individual presentations to the community. Faculty, staff, students will attend the topic lectures throughout the week.

Parents, family friends,  are also welcome to attend!

Note: Various presentations are appropriate for differing ages of students.



Schedule of Events

Monday, March 11

11:00 am   − Welcome & Opening Remarks −
Sylvan Hartshorn-Bunis - From Concept to Success: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Startups
        — Lunch Break —
1:00 pm   Lisset Flores - The Lives of People with Intellectual Disabilities 
2:00 pm   Lucas Zumann - Designing a Self-Sustaining Community


Tuesday, March 12

10:15 am   Denis Sullivan - Understanding Language
11:15 am   Grace Rowland - Something Is Going to Change: My Journey to My First Solo Exhibit  
        — Lunch Break —
1:00 pm   Liam Sullivan - The Faces We Wear: Exploring Portrait Photography
2:00 pm   Konstanza Stormont  - In the Shoes of a Refugee: A Look Into the Global Refugee Crisis


Wednesday, March 13

1:00 pm   Maryam Hedayat - Creating Stories
2:00 pm   Nathan McIntosh - Hip Hop Culture: How America Created the Genre
    — Break —
4:15 pm   Sabrina Lopez - The Evolution of Gun Control in the U.S.
5:15 pm   Abigail Aderinto - Ekaabo si ile mi: Welcome to my Home   
6:15 pm   All High School Parent Evening


Thursday, March 14

11:15 am   Ukiah Mooses - Breaking the Cage of Gold: The Case for a Free Border
    — Lunch Break —  
1:00 pm   George Galkine - Constructing an Electric Guitar
2:00 pm   Devin Luera - The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll


Friday, March 15

2:00 pm   Maegan David - Figure Skating: The Art of Physics   
3:00 pm   Chris Kriho - Getting in Shape: Exploring Physical Fitness
        — Meal Break —
5:15 pm   Marcela Okeke - Call it Criminal: The Unspoken Purposes of U.S. Prisons
6:15 pm   Julian Berrios - The Evolution of Stand-Up Comedy
7  :15 pm   Iris Wojtowicz - Faith in Fashion


− Closing Remarks −