Nora's Sun and Moon Park

We are writing a story, and we are writing it together.

This summer, we will replace our outdoor blacktop with a natural learning environment full of thriving indigenous plants, dynamic play elements, and areas for gathering, socializing, and reflection.

At our Sun and Moon Gala this spring, we raised enough money to build the essential elements of the park, ensuring that our children will have an exciting new environment to engage with when they arrive back at school in the fall.

Below are renderings of the park - a preview of what's to come.

Each element of the Sun and Moon Park is designed with all of our children in mind, no matter their age or grade level. Our youngest children as well as our oldest will all be able to discover ways to engage with the park and its many versatile and dynamic spaces.

Boulder Fort

Embankment Slide, Wooden Bridge, and Stream Bed

Dynamic, robust play is essential to Waldorf education. The Boulder Fort will allow for climbing, sliding, and inspired creative play, as well as providing a quiet space for reflection and study.

Early Childhood Sensory Play

Our dedicated Early Childhood space will allow for a variety of different sensory play options, including a sand area, loose branches and stones, and tools for digging and building, all fueling the remarkably imaginative inner lives of our young children.

Reclaimed Tree Climber

Risk play is vital to Waldorf education. By encouraging our children to take risks, we can help to cultivate confidence, resilience, and an adventurous spirit that can be applied to all aspects of life. It’s also just fun!

Jordan's Council Ring

Gathering around a fire is one of humanity’s earliest traditions. At the center of this ring will be a fire pit, encouraging students to congregate, share stories, debate, and reflect. Students will also be invited into the construction process, offering a unique learning opportunity.

Sports Court

Our athletics curriculum is a vital part of child development. Students of all ages need space to play organized cooperative and competitive games to learn the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and physical health.