Theater & Drama

Class plays have a significant place in the Waldorf curriculum. From first through twelfth grade, students bring ideas and themes from their curriculum onto the stage. Every student in the class is required to participate in the class play, even those who shy away from the spotlight. Working together, the class rises to the challenge of creating an experience for the audience; one where each student finds his or her place to shine. They learn lines and blocking, work on sets, lights, costumes, and props, and sometimes even tackle a musical. Class plays and Drama Club performances in the auditorium are always enthusiastically attended by students, parents, and the larger community.

The students first exposure to enacting a story themselves comes in the Early Childhood program with the kindergarten puppet play. Children create characters and make their puppets while the teacher crafts a story that includes them all. The "show" is presented to a small audience of family and friends.

Cast of a kindergarten puppet play.

6th graders perform Good Masters, Sweet Ladies, a collection of monologues about life in a medieval village.

8th graders wait for their entrances in Alice in Wonderland.

A moment from the High School Drama Club production of Pride & Prejudice.

4th graders tell the story of Odin and the Winter Giants.

2nd grade performs The Nixie of the Mill Pond at a local park.

7th graders perform Dante's Inferno.

The 12th grade delights the entire school community with their charming production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.