Outdoor Education

We are big believers in getting kids outside to interact with their surroundings. Fresh air and exercise are important aspects, but students learn a tremendous amount from the natural world. Outside is a place of doing, of observing, of interacting. Class trips further strengthen the bonds between classmates and between students and teachers. Everyone learns how to share work, meal prep, and living space—important life skills.

3rd graders work with goats and chickens during their 3-day trip to Angelic Organics.

The 4th grade goes on a winter trip to Camp Edwards where they learn to build shelters, track animals, and do some sledding.

After weeks of training, the 5th grade travels to rural Wisconsin to compete with other Waldorf schools in the yearly Pentathlon. In addition to the 100m dash seen above, students tackle the long jump, discus, Greek wrestling, and javelin. Awards are given for Truth (empirical winners) and Beauty (best form).

This 7th grade class paddled for days on a canoe trip down a Wisconsin river. Other classes have tested their bravery while rock climbing or on a high ropes course.

High schoolers travel for two week service learning trips around the country. This 9th grader bonds with a cow during her trip to a farm in Osceola, WI. The farm depends on our 9th graders for assistance with spring planting and farm maintenance. Students work hard and the payoff is big.

The 10th grade lends their burgeoning building skills to reconstructing homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

12th graders journey to the coast of Maine early in the year to study Marine Biology first hand.

Students get outside during the regular school day too. Here an 11th grader does a landscape study in oils.

3rd graders spend time in a community garden plot for their gardening block.

Recess is a valued commodity at CWS, no matter the weather. Students need time to clear their heads and move their bodies (and build snowmen!) so they are ready to tackle the afternoon lessons.